What is Trigger Marketing and how can it help your business?

What is Trigger Marketing and how can it help your business?


What is Trigger Marketing?

Trigger marketing identifies key dates in customers’ lives and therefore triggers the right marketing at the right time to that individual. For instance, if it is a birthday, a trigger email is sent reminding you to purchase a gift or a card. Some businesses may only send a few trigger emails per year, whereas other companies with extensive data about their clients may send hundreds per year.

Trigger Marketing is a targeted form of marketing and has good engagement rates because it is initiated when a customer is most likely to be active in a decision process. The ‘triggered marketing’ is usually an email thanking the potential customer for signing up. This email should also contain more information about your business and a strong call –to action. Trigger Marketing is a great way to drive revenue and engage with your customers.

Benefits of Trigger Marketing:

Staying Relevant: Trigger marketing is an efficient way to stay at the forefront of a customer’s mind. This may even mean when they make their next purchase, your company is the first that springs to mind!

Building Communication: Interacting with customers is key to building trust. Once trust is formed – not only will the customer repeatedly use your products or services, but they will also refer you to family and friends.

Shows Efficient Marketing: Trigger Marketing will show that you have thought about your marketing techniques and invested time and money into them, giving your company a good name.

Standing Out From Your Competitors: Getting that competitive edge and standing out above the crowd can be difficult in a congested market; by using Trigger Marketing you can make sure your business is better than the rest.

Increasing Sales: Seizing the opportunity in business is crucial for revenue. Drive revenue by sending emails on key dates in a customer’s life. A simple email on their birthday, for example, if you are a restaurant – offering a free drink or 20% off can gain that extra business.

Brand Awareness: Trigger emailing increases your brand awareness whilst treating your potential customers well and showing that you care will leave a positive impression of your company. They will then most definitely remember you when they are ready to buy.

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Date: January 30, 2023

Author: Morris

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