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The Cloud

The transformation of computer processes to cloud technology has been one of the most exciting developments in IT in recent times. It has effectively provided us with on demand access to computer systems and data, accessible via the internet from wherever we are.

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Systems are like the central nervous system of the business, the route by which many exchanges and processes take place, as tasks travel between departments and externally to customers and suppliers. They happen every day, many times a day, so the more we can do to make them run smoothly, the better.

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Digital Transformation

Transformation is a powerful, and sometimes overused word, but in the context of digital technology, it is fitting for the impact it delivers. Businesses truly can transform – their operations as well as their fortunes!

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Business Resiliency

Whilst the digital era has delivered a multitude of benefits for business, it has also opened up new threats regarding safeguarding of data. Not only would a data breach be bad for your reputation, it may also result in hefty fines from regulators.

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IT Strategy

All actions proceed better when there is a plan, and IT is no exception. An IT strategy is a starting point for how and which technology can help your organisation attain its goals. It may also help shine a light on new goals that could be achieved if new IT applications and processes were put in place.

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Cyber Security

The advent of new tougher GDPR rules and regulations, along with headline stories of data security breaches at major well known corporations, has highlighted the need for more robust management and protection of data, and for all businesses to take cyber security more seriously.

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Networking & Telecoms

Communicating has never been easier or more cost effective than now. The advent of the digital era has allowed us to converse, hold meetings, host events and exchange data and information from the comfort of our desks, wherever we may be.

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Support Services

  • Migration Services
  • IT Support
  • Cyber Insurance Assessment
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