Ways to Go Green with Eco-Friendly Technology

Ways to Go Green with Eco-Friendly Technology


With growing prominence on creating a more sustainable world, those businesses that don’t keep up with the green trend can quickly fall behind more environmentally responsible companies.

Some of the most tech-heavy businesses can start to go in a greener direction with clean tech.  A term used to describe products, processes and services which reduce waste and requires as few non-renewable resources as possible.

What’s the buzz about clean tech?

With more emphasis on going green, Clean tech skills are in growing demand.  Knowing how to clean up your business, save energy and vital resources can boost your chances of success in the growing green economy.  Green power generates energy and fuel from the sun, wind, water, and other renewable sources.  This enables businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

Many companies like IBM and Microsoft have jumped on the green train. By creating strategies for cutting power consumption and creating products and services that echo their emphasis on green.  There are many forward-thinking companies all over the world that are joining the environmental revolution.

Below are a few pointers to help you on your way to boosting your green skills to become more competitive in today’s green-focused market.

Recycle your e-waste

With more and more of us turning to electronics than ever before, disposing of obsolete e-waste is becoming a growing challenge.  In the UK alone we are responsible for around 1.5 million tonnes of electronic waste, and only around 17% of this is recycled. Click here to find out where you can recycle your e-waste.

Go solar

There is a growing move towards powering your business by solar.  Not only, reducing energy costs but also by saving earths vital resources and minimising pollutants.

Upgrade old devices

Old technology and devices can be power-hungry.  When replacing computers and devices, opt for Energy Star rated products as these work a lot faster in an energy-efficient way.

Meet virtually

Virtual meetings cut down on driving and flying and improve business overhead costs too. Try conducting your meeting via Skype, Gotomeeting or Google Hangouts which are all popular choices for an eco-friendly meeting.

Go to the cloud

Cloud-based computing cuts down on in-house devices that consume large amounts of energy.  These devices will eventually end up in a landfill if not recycled properly too.

Green Power

As a business or individual we can all do our bit by sourcing our power through a green supplier.

Date: May 31, 2021

Author: Morris

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