Want an easier life? There’s a service for that

Want an easier life? There’s a service for that


Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has the potential to make your work life easier.

Device as a Service is an intelligent, simplified computing solution that is flexible and customisable to meet the needs of individual businesses and users. The easiest way to view desktop as a service is a computer running within the cloud and you just access it through a window.

Not only does this provide an end-user experience fitting for the modern workplace, but DaaS also has a range of benefits to the business including improved security, disaster recovery, easier management of software updates, reduces support overheads and simplified provisioning.


Modern Workplace

Digital transformation is redefining what we think about the workplace and being able to provide an anywhere, any device desktop experience for the business is an incredible string to that bow. As the landscape changes to a mobile one having a tool which enables this gives your business an advantage.


Increased Security

DaaS moves the security risk from end-user devices and put it all into the controlled and managed environment of an enterprise data centre. Lost or stolen laptops no longer provide a security risk. No data is stored on the local machine.



Being able to be agile and scale up and down when needed is fundamental in successful service providers. As the desktop runs as a service it follows the same model where you can provision more devices when needed and increase the power of your devices, and then scale back down when no longer required.



DaaS moves costs from CAPEX to OPEX, leaving you more cash in the bank to spend on growing your business. Per desktop pricing enables you to know exactly what expansion will cost the IT department, removing unknown infrastructure or hardware purchases as this is handled by the provider, who bundle everything in with the price of each desktop. Enabling you to have predictable costs.


Get in touch if you’ve got a question we haven’t answered or to find out more about DaaS.


Get in touch if you’ve got a question we haven’t answered or to find out more about DaaS technology.

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Date: October 19, 2020

Author: Magnetar IT

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