Social Tariff criteria to be simplified by UK Government

Social Tariff criteria to be simplified by UK Government


With the cost of living rising by the day it is now more important than ever for the UK Government to help people still reach the services they need to stay connected with the world. Not only does it provide access to finding more jobs and working from home but it also means individuals can stay connected to friends and family to protect their mental wellbeing.

From 22nd August 2022, people receiving certain benefits may qualify for companies to put them on a social tariff.  Which, analysis of recent Ofcom data revealed nearly six million households are struggling to pay for essential telecoms.

What is a Social Tariff?

Social tariffs are a way to get broadband for customers receiving qualifying benefits and other types of financial support. They’re much cheaper than the standard monthly rate for the service and are reserved for these customers to help them afford the usual monthly price of a broadband connection.

How do I know if I qualify?

Each provider has different qualifying criteria so be sure to check this before signing up. The minimum you need to qualify for one of these providers is to be receiving universal credit or pension credit.

Use the link below to find out what each provider needs and the costs:

Discounted ‘social tariffs’ for those on certain benefits (

Why don’t some providers offer social tariffs?

Some broadband providers don’t offer social tariffs for people in receipt of certain benefits. Those companies include EE, Plusnet, Shell, Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone. Ofcom is said to be urging these companies to reconsider.

Steve Leighton, chair of the Internet Service Providers Association, said the association welcomed the government’s launch of an Application Programme Interface (API) for members – following calls by the sector for a system to help verify eligibility.

“While we still need to see the technical details, the API should help our members identify eligible customers more easily and offer them targeted support,” Mr Leighton said.

Date: September 19, 2022

Author: Morris

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