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Maintaining your IT estate so you can focus on your business

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is the need to constantly drive efficiencies. From stripping out waste to finding smarter ways of working, this often requires challenging decisions about the resources needed to set the operation up for success. Take IT support for example. Regardless of business size – SME, scale-up, non-profit or corporate blue-chip – efficient, high-quality and readily available IT support is essential to building a successful business.

IT support services are needed to help the operation with daily support needs, maintain IT security and data recovery, manage system upgrades, make recommendations for capital expenditure and investment for robust infrastructure and tech needs, and so forth. However, maintaining an in-house team filled with the full complement of in-house experts can be expensive.

For small businesses, in particular, it simply isn’t realistic to bring this function in-house. Even scale-ups and larger companies find it hard to maintain the right internal skillsets and capacity that can flex up when business needs require it – and still remain cost-effective.

But there is a better way. By outsourcing your business IT support needs to a specialist external company, you gain full access to expertise and broad IT skillsets according to your needs. IT support companies provide ready access to the cutting-edge IT skillsets that you need around the clock – and throughout the year – with leading knowledge of best practices and the finest skillsets in the industry. The result for you is a reliable and robust IT function, with improved productivity.

We operate a 3 strike guarantee for support, what this means should an issue occur 3 times in 6 months we take all responsibility to fix this at no cost.

Whatever your IT support needs, contact us to find out how we can up your game with a better service at a more competitive price.

Take a look at some of our IT support services


Ensuring updates for your operating systems and software you use each day is up to date. Software updates not being applied can be a major cause of security breaches and under performing applications.

Server Infrastructure

Whether your servers are in the office communications room or in a data centre we can manage Windows, Linux and OSX operating systems.

Cloud Infrastructure

Whether you are using AWS, Azure or Google Cloud we can help.

Service Level Agreements

A service-level agreement (SLA) defines the level of service you should expect laying out the metrics by which service is measured.

Service Portal

A customised portal to enable you to track all business requests and incidents. Giving you full visibility to what is going on in the background as well as what is going on with your teams. 

Knowledge base

 This is fully searchable, integrated into service portal knowledge base and we create customised documentation for you to help and empower the team. Additionally there is a section where you can upload your own documentation.

Remote Support

To enable the quickest responses to any incident we will use remote support tools to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible.


Helping remove the risks in your business and removing them using best of breed tools and practices. This includes using firewalls, antivirus, intrusion protection and many more.

Client Infrastructure

Management of your smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, scanners and printers.


Ensure your core business applications have the support they need to keep your team working.


Proactive monitoring of all laptops, computers, servers and services. We monitor what we know to be important but can customise to meet your requirements. 

VOIP Services

Manage and maintain existing or newly implimented VOIP systems.

Hardware & Software Life Cycle

Keeping on top of licenses and hardware as time goes on can be difficult, managing this well helps you plan for the future.

Service Reviews

Each quarter we will come and perform a service review looking back on the last 3 months to ensure we are delivering and meeting SLAs.

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