Bye Bye Passwords πŸ‘‹

Bye Bye Passwords πŸ‘‹


As hackers get more advanced and exploit more security issues and loopholes, biometric security systems are becoming an essential part of modern day authentication.

It can’t happen soon enough for some users

While the death of the password may be over-exaggerated, at least 80% of users who are open to biometric authentication think it is more secure than the traditional usernames or passwords we have used for so long. What we need are new and more secure methods for users to identify themselves to online and local services, in addition these methods have to be easy for users to perform.

So what is Biometrics security

Biometrics Authentication (or realistic authentication) is simply the technical term for body measurements and calculations used for authenticating that you are who you say you are. Since biometric identifiers are unique to each person, they are more reliable in verifying your identity in comparison to the traditional username and password method.Β 

What are the risks?

A key risk to consider is Bio-data theft. Passwords are inherently private, but your body parts are not. Hackers are able to take a photo of your face or swipe your fingerprint off a glass and then get full access to your phone. The problem here is once your bio-data is compromised, it’s gone, you have the benefit of being able to change your password, but you can’t change your finger print or iris scan. To mitigate this you use a combination of something you have (token/biometrics) and something you know (username and password) this is a strong way to give yourself the best of both worlds.

Take a look at this video which breaks down the technical aspects of Biometrics!

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Date: March 9, 2020

Author: Magnetar IT

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