Application Security Trends in 2021

Application Security Trends in 2021


What is application security?

Application Security helps keep apps secure by locating and fixing the security of applications. Attacks on applications are becoming more advanced and more common, leaving users information exposed to fraud which can lead to financial losses.

What are the top application security trends?

Application security trends are all about ways to prevent users’ information being exposed and applications being targeted, it is a major factor for companies due to:

  • Development teams issuing more often, leading to errors that impact app security
  • External attack for Web app feats
  • The expansion of Bot attacks which target applications that affect all functional areas within a business
  • Incorrectly secured APIs are a major target for attackers

Security is a major concern for business owners with app developments, as they develop new ways to interact with their clients through their applications, mistakes are inevitable. If they lack security practices when developing their apps, they leave themselves open to attack from cyber criminals.

Thinking of taking a shortcut?

If businesses take shortcuts when it comes to security, then this exposes the app and API’s to attacks.  These days cyber criminals look for flaws or errors where they can impose. Modern software applications comprise of codes from many sources, security checks must be embedded into the entire software development lifecycle.

API’s – The new way in

An API is a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software.  API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. Whenever you are using an app, for example Facebook or Instagram you are using an API.

Weak authentication, lack of encryption, business logic flaws and insecure endpoints make APIs vulnerable to the attacks. To protect your app against API attacks you must ensure there are different levels of security including a WAF (Web Application Firewall) and bot protection to sit in front of your application and then more security to protect individual microservices within the application.

The easy purchase online of bad bots

A malicious bot is designed to steal information, or infect a host, often used by cyber criminals wanting to steal users’ personal information. Today anyone can purchase a malicious bot online on the dark web.

Bot attacks are different to other web application attacks, they seek to disrupt business traffic i.e. pop ups on a clients purchase online (to collect personal data and card information) or redirection to another harmful site disguised as a legitimate one.

A bot management solution can help stop a variety of attacks, investing in one of these is beneficial for your business.

How to improve app and API security:

  • Create and adopt a Web Application Security Process
  • Create secure codes
  • Make sure your data is encrypted
  • Identify your weak areas
  • Prioritise web application security
  • Utilise the latest web technology to minimise attacks
  • Review and update regularly

Date: August 23, 2021

Author: Morris

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